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April 22, 2020

Martial Arts Instructors Have Feelings Too

I watched the new version of the KARATE KID with Jackie Chan a few days ago. I was really touched at the scene where Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), sitting in his car, was reliving the death of his child and wife from a car accident. He was in a really bad place. What I loved was when his student Dre came in with a true loving heart, and asked him what happened. At this point you can see Mr. Han had not really forgiven himself. Dre realized that, among many lessons Mr. Han taught him, "when you get knocked down you need to get back up" was the most that stuck with him. So, As Mr. Han sits at the wheel broken, Dre pulls him out of the car with two poles with loops (which they've trained with), and walks him out to the porch. Dre goes to his stance, shakes the pols, and tells his instructor he's ready to train. Mr. Han starts the drill. That was a defining moment of healing for Mr. Han.

Sometimes we all get knocked down and need someone to help us get back up. That's what Dre did. He used what Mr. Han had taught him to help him realize that he was loved and needed.

We all need to pull each other up. Remember, even the strongest people get knocked down and they need a little love to help them get back up.

Be blessed and go out and show some love to those who are hurting.

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