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October 31, 2019

Martial Arts is Great for Girls

Self Defense 4 U is great for our daughter. She had self-esteem issues, did not want to play any sports and had issues with school. She joined her cousin back in March for a Parents Night Out and the rest is history. She joined karate with Mr. Tom and loved it! She has attended almost every class and extra events. Her self-esteem took a 180, looks forward to every class. Can’t forget to mention Mrs. Alex who is great with our daughter. We are extremely grateful for Self Defense 4 U and all that you do for our family!

Allie Martinez

martial arts for girlsI have been teaching Martial arts for over 30 years and when I read reviews like this one it reminds me why I started teaching. I truly believe martial arts can change the lives of children. Especially girls. I would like to tell you a story.

About 18 years ago, I was coming out of the martial arts school I was working at, and a young lady stepped out of her car and said, “Hi Mr.Tom.” I said, “Hi.” She said, “do you remember me?” I said, “sorry, I do not.” She responded wit, “I’m (smiley).” It all came back to me! I was teaching 7 years earlier at another school and had a mom and son training with me. She had a 15 year old daughter who seemed sad every time she came in with them. So I always tried to make her smile. So I started calling her “smiley.” Little did I know that just being friendly and treating her with Respect and Dignity I could make a difference in her life.

Fast forward back to the parking lot with the 23 year old woman. “I remember you. Wow, how are you?” She told me how I made a difference in her life and helped her through a hard time in her life. That’s how as a martial arts instructor, I learned you set the example for everyone inside and outside of the school.
Let me tell you the benefits martial arts has for children especially girls.

Kids in martial arts are expected to behave in ways not natural [or taught] for some girls (not all!), like yelling, striking and motioning their bodies in ways that are typically reserved for boys. I’ve watched as some of these same girls became great competitors and athletes, and leaders. The best martial arts for ladies are the ones that encourage them to grow!


girls martial arts in bedford texas1: Psychological Benefits:
In a world that’s obsessed with pop-culture and celebrity, martial arts provide a grounding environment for kids, girls especially! They receive many well grounded, social and emotional benefits that translate into other areas of life. The structure of martial arts instills focus, self-control, listening skills, and self discipline. Students bow and acknowledge instructors, but also to fellow students during class. This practice demonstrates respect, humility, and honor… character values that are hard to find in the movies ,tv shows , and social media.
Martial arts for kids is an opportunity to build social skills, friendships, and camaraderie with peers, who if nothing else, have one thing in common. They become part of a martial arts family, It give instructors the opportunity to help parents mold their child into a successful citizen.

2: Physical Fitness and Skills:
Martial arts can be a way for girls to become physically fit and healthy. All of the different styles incorporate conditioning into their training, in addition to learning the skills. The athletic abilities developed in martial arts carry over into other sports. These abilities include muscular strength, speed, and agility, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

3: Self-Defense:
There’s great confidence that comes with being able to defend yourself. This is empowering regardless if you are a boy or girl. Though physical bullying has always been a problem, girls seem to be assaulting other girls more than ever. It may provide parents a little bit of relief knowing that your girl can hold her own if confronted with such situations where self-defense is needed. Martial arts for kids help to assert their physical strength. Some practices also employ loud, direct verbal communication and secure body language. Bullies typically target those who seem passive or less of a challenge. When kids know that your girl will speak up and defend herself, it’s less likely that she’ll be tested.

4: Life Lessons:
There are many valuable life lessons that girls learn in martial arts. These lessons build character and provide experiences they can draw from as they mature. As with all sports, martial arts for kids present opportunities to be challenged physically, mentally, emotionally and overcome adversity. We call it PERSEVERANCE!
At Self Defense 4 U, we use creeds every day to help children become the best they can be. We also have a special word of the month that talk about every day. Example This months word is DECISION. We talk about making the right decision not he wrong one.

Martial Arts with teach your child how to think through a situation, push through things when life gets hard and to never give up.

#5: Because it’s just plane fun:
Martial arts have grown more popular because of MMA and when you see the ladies fight, you see great detail in technique and form not just brute force. Martial arts will help girls learn how to defeat a bigger and stronger attacker because of great skill technique and tactics.

If you have a child and they have never tried martial arts, please consider giving it a try!

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