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January 9, 2020


Happy New year!

Like millions of people around the world. We are all setting new resolutions. Is this just a waste of time??

NO. I truly believe we need to set new goals each year and look at our goals from last year to see how we did. The problem is people get an idea to a goal but don’t follow through to reach it. So I am going to give you the secret to achieving your goal.

Lets choose the most common thing people set a goal on is to lose weight and get in shape. They join the gym or go to a weight lose program and start. Everyone usually starts out good the 1st week or even month. Then… life happens. As we stagger and stumble to get our balance, we tumble over and just say this doesn’t work. Weather you go to the gym or join a weight lose program the ONE and MOST IMPORTANT thing people are missing is ACCOUNTABILITY TO SOMEONE ELSE. This is truly a major key to success.

martial arts healthy dietSo how do I get motivated??

  1. Choose a goal you want to reach
  2. Have a short term goal and your ultimate long term goal.
  3. Commit to your goal with someone that will truly keep you accountable (without this you will quit).
  4. Take day by day to reach your short turn goal (don’t stress yourself out about it).
  5. You are going to have bad days. It’s okay!!!! Talk to the person you are accountable to.
  6. Share with others your goals and success and failures (you will find other people truly understand and you might motivate someone else).
  8. ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL ( then set more goals don’t stop).
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