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February 26, 2020



Prove Me Wrong.

You are wondering why I would use this as my title. I dare to say, Martial Arts is for everyone!

Now let me back up my statement. Does every human being deserve the right to defend themselves? YES! That should be enough, but I will give you the long list and you can tell me if I am wrong.

This is why everyone needs Martial Arts.

1. Respect

2. Self Discipline

3. Focus


5. Self Defense

6. Get in shape or weight loss

7. Persaverance

8. Make friends (life long friends)

9. Think on their feet

10. Helps brain activity

11. Positive  attitude

12. Teaches integrity

I could go on and on. My point is, people make excuses for things they don't think are important, but I truly believe everyone needs martial arts to gain all of the above reason. If you you have never trained in martial arts, now is a great time to start.

Tom Hogue

Self Defense 4U

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