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  • Whats the most important thing in Martial Arts

    Whats the most important thing in Martial Arts

    If you have ever trained in Martial Arts, you know there are so many things to learn. The late great Bruce Lee said: "be like water." What did he mean by that? He meant, be fluid and move. Foot work and movement are the most important things you need to learn as a beginner in Martial Arts. Foot work and movement are the least exciting drills to most people. If you can drill it in to your mind and body you will become a great martial artist. Most people's excuses in not training in Martial Arts are, "I'm too slow, I'm out of shape, I'm not strong enough, and I'm not coordinated enough." Martial arts can help develop strength, coordination, and speed. The thing is these attributes fade the ....

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  • Motivation


    Happy New year! Like millions of people around the world. We are all setting new resolutions. Is this just a waste of time?? NO. I truly believe we need to set new goals each year and look at our goals from last year to see how we did. The problem is people get an idea to a goal but don’t follow through to reach it. So I am going to give you the secret to achieving your goal. Lets choose the most common thing people set a goal on is to lose weight and get in shape. They join the gym or go to a weight lose program and start. Everyone usually starts out good the 1st week or even month. Then… life happens. As we stagger and stumble to get our balance, we tumble over ....

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  • What is Abuse?

    Every month our students have to memorize one of our creeds. This month is creed #3 I WILL USE WHAT I LEARN IN CLASS, CONSTRUCTIVELY AND DEFENSIVELY TO HELP MYSELF AND MY FELLOW MAN, AND NEVER TO BE ABUSIVE OR OFFENSIVE. This week I would like to talk about abuse. I especially teach my students, children and teens, that words can be just as abusive as physical abuse. If your parents tell you to do something and your child lashes out with mean or violent words, this is Abuse. Everything starts with a small spark. Parents, if you let your children use the wrong tone with you, they will naturally move to the next level, talking back to you with an attitude. Sometimes you can sit them ....

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  • Making a connection with your child

    Making a connection with your child

    Making a connection with your child One of the most important thing that you as a parents can do is to establish a connection with your child. In fact, children need connection more than anything else. What do I mean by connection? It’s having a relationship with your child. Not being their best friend but rather having real conversations with them to have shared emotions and interests. Here are a several ways that you can begin to build a great connection with your child: Interacting Daily 1. Every day make it a point to have one-on-one time with your child. Instead of asking a question from across the room, take the time to walk to your child, get down on their level, give ....

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  • Gratitude

    This November, our word of the month in my martial arts school is Gratitude. We, in the United States, have one day a year (Thanksgiving) celebrating gratefulness, being thankful for our blessings and way of life. I am teaching this month that we should be thankful every day. Think of all the wonderful things we have. Our homes, cars, money, jobs, food, clothing, and so many different things. I have traveled to other countries (my wife Alex is from Romania, a former communist country. She has a story to tell!) and have seen first hand how blessed we truly are in America. All I am asking my students is to truly look around and be Grateful to their parents for everything their parents give ....

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  • Martial Arts is Great for Girls

    Martial Arts is Great for Girls

    Martial Arts is Great for Girls Self Defense 4 U is great for our daughter. She had self-esteem issues, did not want to play any sports and had issues with school. She joined her cousin back in March for a Parents Night Out and the rest is history. She joined karate with Mr. Tom and loved it! She has attended almost every class and extra events. Her self-esteem took a 180, looks forward to every class. Can’t forget to mention Mrs. Alex who is great with our daughter. We are extremely grateful for Self Defense 4 U and all that you do for our family! Allie Martinez I have been teaching Martial arts for over 30 years and when I read reviews like this one it reminds me why I ....

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  • The wonderful years of Martial Arts

    The wonderful years of Martial Arts

    The Wonderful Years in Martial Arts THE BENEFITS OF MARTIAL ARTS FOR PRESCHOOL KIDS There are millions of children participating in Martial Arts. That statistic is rapidly growing at 15% per year according to leading child experts. The reason why is because parents across the country are recognizing all of the awesome benefits. 4-5 year old LOVES MARTIAL ARTS Between the ages of 4 and 5, children are entering the “wonderful years” in their growth and development. They will, for the first time, experience rapid growth and development in the early stages of many skills. The martial arts program at Self Defense 4U Martial Arts helps them jump-start their growth ....

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  • Building a Better Future

    BUILDING A BETTER FUTURE FOR OUR COMMUNITY THROUGH MARTIAL ARTS Helping the community has always been important to Tom and Alexandrina Hogue at Self Defense 4U Martial Arts. Since The Hogue’s began operating schools in 2013, they have always made an effort to participate in their local community and to give back. So far in the last 6 years, there have been many great events we attended! Family Fit Day in Bedford Heights Elementary, free ladies self defense courses at different locations, and seniors at Bedford Senior center. Last year Tom and one of his instructors went to the Bedford library and did a free bully awareness seminar for the teens of Bedford. That was a ....

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  • 5 Tips for a Safe Halloween

    5 TIPS FOR A SAFE HALLOWEEN Halloween can be a fun time of the year for children ; but when children encounter tricks instead of treats, they can become very scary – and not just because of the decorations and frightening costumes. Abductions, bullying, candy that has been tainted; these are all things that can make Halloween an extra scary for children and parents alike. In order to keep your kids safe this Halloween, teach them before they put on their costumes and start knocking on the neighbors doors. Here are 5 tips from Self Defense 4U Martial Arts that can help keep your little ones safe this Halloween. Plan a Route #1. Before your kids hit the neighborhood to gather ....

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  • Do We Have Honor?

    Do we have Honor as a society? What is Honor? Honor is the 1st rule of a Martial Artist. To Stand tall when others Hide. To Go Forward when others Shirk. To Speak Out when others are Silent. To Defend those who cannot defend themselves. To have a sense of pride in integrity and responsibility. In the last 30 years of my life I have seen Honor disappear from our Schools, Jobs, Sports, and for the most vulnerable among us: the Elders and the Children. Unfortunately, a lot of people in this country started hiding instead of standing tall. Selfishness creeped in, more into themselves instead of helping others. Focused on electronics instead of people. What can we do to change ....

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